On the Mayweather Victory and Why It Doesn’t Matter


It really wasn’t about the fight’s result in the end. I’m not sour-graping. Neither am I disregarding the decisions of the judges. Floyd Mayweather did win. He outboxed Manny and — save for a few headlocks and an overuse of clinches — he did this fair and square. He will go down in history as an undefeated boxer who locked horns with the best of them. But that’s not really the story we care about. If the two men hung up their gloves this very day Mayweather’s victory would just be a footnote in the inspiring life of a fighter like Manny Pacquiao.

The great thing about boxing is that like any other sport it caters to our basest emotions in a relatively healthy way. It frees our primal side and leads us to be completely honest. I’ve encountered reserved, tactful adults screaming “yeah go kick his ass!” in the middle of a match. We scream, we cringe, we cry at every punch because we’re connected on a gut level. Because stripped bare of all its formalities boxing is still two people in a ring slugging it out.  And as human beings, it is hardwired in our nature, we love fights. Boxing is a fight at the end of the day. And in a fight we like seeing people pour their hearts out. While points and judges’ decisions are necessary to keep things in order, the primal root of boxing cannot be reduced to these. Matches won through sheer technical skill feel like they’re robbing us of the sport’s essence We want to see people fight hard. And, more importantly, we want to see them fighting for something because those who fight for a cause fight the hardest. And this is precisely why Manny’s valiant struggle is way more important than Mayweather’s shallow victory. History will remember Floyd Jr.’s undefeated streak, yes. He will be celebrated for it, surely. But the fans — those who have been moved by great fighters —  these people and their kids and grand kids through them will also remember Manny’s unwavering and humble dedication to the the sport and all it stands for and here’s why.

ali civil rights Manny Pacquiao Money Mayweather

Mayweather is a businessman. He’s smart, savvy, and he’s in love with his money. He’s a great boxer but I can scarcely call him a fighter. Not inside or outside the ring. This has nothing to do with his arrogance — as annoying as it may be. Ali probably had a bigger mouth than him, but he was fighting for a cause. Black Power, the Civil Rights Movement, racial equality. He fought for these as much as he fought for those championship titles. Manny may not have a specific advocacy but he dedicates each match to the Filipino people while simultaneously pledging parts of his earnings to various charities. That, in itself, is enough to inspire millions of his fellow countrymen who are as disadvantaged as he once was. And Mayweather? The man who plead guilty to domestic violence? A man who only prioritizes financial gain? I’ve never heard of a more horrible nickname than “Money.” His cause is greed and materialism. He refused Manny’s offer to donate the fight’s proceeds to charity because he wanted it for himself. What he wants to do with even more money is beyond me but he is a sorry example of a champion. A man who has all the skills without any  heart and soul. A man devoid of a moral compass. He is the epitome of what professional boxing has become. All glitz and glamour and money-making. As long as he is the poster boy for the sport, I’d sooner watch a backroom bare-knuckle brawl. At least they fight hard there.

We, as fans of the sport, deserve champions not only inside the ring but outside it. Those who are deeply inspired by hard work and sacrifices boxers go through deserve a champion who fights for something. Noble men and women who see the struggles in their careers as extensions of their struggles in real life. I’ll be damned if that little kid, left for dead in the streets, looks to Mayweather and says “that’s who I wanna be!” A man who cares for nothing, nothing but money and his reputation. A man who abuses the mother of his children. I’ll be damned if that struggling single parent looks to him and sees the fulfillment of their aspirations. There is no starker contrast than Manny and Mayweather, and I pray they see the Pacman instead as their source of inspiration. A man who has struggled from the very bottom and, despite his success, has remained humble enough to offer each fight and attribute each victory to God and country. A man who chooses to serve his fellow countrymen in whatever way possible. Not a man who uses his strength to physically abuse his wife. Not a man who only takes pride in his wealth and legacy and thinks about nothing else.

Mayweather may have won this morning but it doesn’t really matter. He could defeat ten more Manny Pacquiao’s but he will never be remembered the way Pacman will be, as a true fighter. “Money” stands for nothing. He may be undefeated, but he is not a champion. Manny Pacquiao is and always will be.


89 thoughts on “On the Mayweather Victory and Why It Doesn’t Matter

  1. Stop whinning.. This is a one sided article… We all know that this is Floyd’s fighting style.. Then team pacman should have a game plan to beat the techniques of Floyd. But no, Floyd outbox and outsmarted our superstar… Floyd just showed us how to be smart, technical, precise jabs and counter rights. It doesn’t need to be a brawler to be a boxer… He uses science, to read his opponents move, next step and make it as their weakness. It doesn’t matter how he acts outside the ring, what matter is what he is in the ring. Same thing with Tyson, he bites, he rape, but he is still a great boxer. Stop this hatred.

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    • Please read and understand the article. The author clearly stated that Mayweather won the fight fair and square. And he doesn’t have to air out Gayweather’s side because this is his blog, therefore an avenue for his opinions. Gayweather isn’t a great boxer, he just knows how to avoid an opponent’s attacks. Merriem-Webster dictionary defines boxing as “the art of attack and defense with the fists practiced as a sport”. All Gayweather did was AVOID his opponent.That is not a real fighter.

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      • I appreciate this comment but let’s kindly refrain from equating homosexuality with weakness. Calling the man “Gayweather” isn’t fair for the gay community which is composed of many, many strong people. Let’s leave sexual orientation out of this. The same goes for comments about race and gender. Thank you and I appreciate your feedback.

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      • I agree. Mayweather did a god job studying his opponent, this lead him a vast advantage, Paquiao was great, yet, I feel he underestimate Floyd..


      • That’s funny because for all ur talk about Manny the great and your defence of homosexuality you forget that Manny clearly opposes Gay rights to marriage and many other rights for homosexuals and is a bible thumper who is against providing birth control to 3rd world countries including his own native Philippines. Mayweather may be an asshole but he only hurts his close circle of people around him, Manny hides behind the bible and actually cause more harm (with his political stances) to people who actually don’t even know who the hell he is. In the grand scheme of things Id take ten douche bags who call themselves “Money” over one bible thumper against providing birth control to the poor and opposing basic human rights.

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    • i don’t think the writer is whining or there’s hatred in the article. i think the writer was saying what are the facts. Perhaps maybe you have forgotten that Mayweather is a serial wife beater. I am by no means a fan of boxing, and I do not watch it, but the writer was comparing each boxer’s values. I may not agree to Pacquiao’s political choices as well (man, he’s an absentee congressman!) but hey, his journey to greatness puts things into perspective. People will remember how great a boxer Mayweather is, but Pacquiao will be forever remembered for his greatness, both as a boxer and as a man with values.

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    • Nothing to hate about Mayweather’s boxing, hate it or love it…. honestly speaking, it’s boring. But come on! The author mean that The victory is too shallow. He better give the audience a fight. Yes, it’s his technique, but a boring one. This ain’t hatred but this is just a concern for the next boxer that twill follow his technique, his attitude. It’s all wrong, he just cares about fame,money,and family. He must remember to care about others, give his blessings to others.That would make him great

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    • The author is not whining or hating on Mayweather because he won the fight. He did win and he did it fairly and smartly. However, just because he won the fight does not mean anything else. The crowds BOOED him during his victory. He is not endearing to anyone – he has been convicted of domestic abuse towards 5 different women (and pretends it never happened), he compares women to cars, he tries to buy his children’s love, he is self centered and an overall ugly human being. He might have won the fight but he won little respect. His title as a great fighter is meaningless. Just as Tiger Woods is only known for his affairs, this sad man will only be remembered for what he did outside the ring.

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      • Ahhhh… Maywaether won but it meant nothing because he is a bad person outside the ring? No no no, it was Manny who failed to do what he has to do. Team PacMan knew very well how Mayweather will play the game and does. It is totally out of the equation whether Mayweather beats the crap out of his many women, Team PacMan failed to put up with him inside the ring where it matters!

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  2. True! Very well said. They say boxing and character are two different things and shouldnt go together… Well i disagree. Charactes is what makesa man. Boxing is a game of character. And money devoids all that there is to it. Mayweather may have won the fight but will never be a champ. He may have an unblemish record of 100-0 but he’d still end up as the greatest fail in boxing who called himself the TBE because he has never been regarded as one by everyone in his generation!

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  3. Very well said and written!
    Comparison of the two players was beautifully analyzed on all angles. You really hit the nail on its head! May this piece serve as a moral guide to everyone that it’s NOT all money that counts. MORE POWER TO YOU!

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  4. I got teary-eyed after having been moved by this realization! What a way to express our mind and hearts out!
    I wish the judges could sleep tight every night after doing their job withiout involving their heart.

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  5. Really…this is nothing but sour grapes. Did Manny fight for free? Did he donate his millions to charity? Why would you vilify Floyd and hold Manny out as some great hope, yeah he represents his people But not for free. He is getting all of you you to buy his horrible albums, his sponsorships, etc. boxing is more than getting your brains bashed in, like Manny did with Marquez, hit and mind minimize getting hit. Floyd has family that he takes care of, he works hard at boxing, and wants to maximize his earning potential while he…isn’t that what all of us wants to do. Manny lost the fight that all of you have been waiting for and could not vanquish Mayweather, get over it. It IS sour grapes nothing more and trying to play to Manny’s fan base but let’s Stay Classy.

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    • Use google and you will find out that Manny does give MILLIONS to charity. Years ago, he even suggested to Floyd that they fight for charity…which would also be supporting poor blacks in America.

      Now, go check Floyd’s facebook and dig his old posts. He wrote there that if he won this fight, he would spend $250,000 in a strip club.

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  6. Awesome write my friend.. One sided as it seems but it speaks to the hearts. It’s not whining if it speaks the truth and more so it touches the soul.. And this is why it’s seconded in many ways.. It only depends whether who reads and how this is taken. Congratulations to the real Champ of all times.

    +keep on fighting a good fight y’all!!

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  7. Take away all the moral posturing from the article and Floyd won still. Heck, I’m a Pacman fan. Floyd’s tactics were questionable but they were allowed–sadly. Manny’s technique were at fault, as so as his team. Letting him fight with an injury was one cause why our volume puncher only made a third of the punches he used vs Margarito. Lets face it. His training time was too short. after all this time, Manny is still just a blunt instrument requiring refinement but just like an oversharpened pencil, the graphite is almost gone. Manny is past his prime, got a bit too confident like he did with Marquez (according to his media appearances) I’d have trained for a whole year if I were Manny before facing Mayweather & use all that is necessary to beat his ass. Speaking of Marquez, while Manny denies he wasn’t damaged by that KO, he was and it was seen in the fight. He was too wary of Floyd’s right hand and counters. Who would want to be KO’d again? Manny was hungry but not enough & was too cautious. I’m beginning to think Amir Khan was right with changing coaches. Roach is a good trainer but surely there are others who are better suited to train Manny to go up against Mayweather. At least collaborate with other trainers. Manny had a lot of disadvantages too. Alex Ariza, who knows Manny is in Mayweather’s camp. Surely he’d know how to train Mayweather sufficiently to negate Manny’s power. (Floyd Sr had a mouth vs Ariza but he’s a geezer who doesn’t know when to keep his old can shut) The fight was dictated by Mayweather & his team, from the venue to the judges and referee, all rumored to be protecting Floyd Jr. & Marquez warned people about it. (then there were the random & ridiculously frequent blood tests – I would get weak too if I had that many so that too is a factor, while no one knew how many Mayweather had) If the rumors are true, it surely gave Mayweather the confidence that he’ll win. Always. And it does help that he really is a good boxer. Not a great fighter. Just a good boxer. Manny is a great fighter but not a very smart one. He’s like a novice warrior who will fight any enemy, regardless of power. That was his mistake and like a n00b, he has no fallback technique vs Floyd Jr. You just can’t go up against someone like Mayweather and not master 3 or 4 styles of combat to subdue the bastard, hence the need for more information about his nemesis and the means to defeat him. I want a rematch too but that will not happen. I want to be wrong about it.

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  8. I’m sorry but just an observation – where is Manny’s God now? Try to think about this- whenever manny wins he will always mention God and often thank Him. In every interview he had before or after the fight he will not fail to put God first but now where is his God? Why not thank Him and say that this is God’s will. Floyd is an Olympic boxer, an undefeated one and so he knows how to move. Manny has to prove that he can beat Floyd not only by his speed but should KO the champion to steal the title. He failed – so accept and move on…

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  9. I really feel thoughts on Mayweather are rigidly biased and laced with a lil’ hate. You can’t say the champ (which IS what he is) doesn’t and hasn’t worked hard. You can’t tell someone what to do with their life. He is a boxer. It’s his profession. He is supposed to try to win. He is supposed to avoid getting hit. Demonstrate confidence. It’s to his benefit to operate with a sense of zeal. It serves a fighter very well to be arrogant which (aside from most commonly used definitions) also means “to claim for one’s self”. At the end of the day one should appreciate skill and dominance so well displayed over so long a career. Be thankful a boxer can leave the game with health and especially, mental capacity still entact. At the end of the day, he is a man who has done his job potentially better than all who came before him. A man who also has children who’s futures benefit from his work. That’s an aspect of his legacy you who judge apparently give no recognition towards. You think Ali’s children wouldn’t rather exchange some of those many dollars won on their behalf for a healthier father? It is not wise comparing (judging) outward appearances of others by the (inward) personal desires of others, namely yourselves.

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  10. Do the math.
    Life in the boxing ring doesn’t last long. In the end, who will be remembered and loved for the great things he has done? Who will be loved by most people even if the money is gone?

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  11. This article was written by a brilliant mind in the verge of the writer’s emotion. I think he’s a Pacman fan and so her words showed. But that’s not the point. He based his writing from facts – Mayweather’s moves and character inside and out the arena of boxing. A true champion does not necessarily need to win. It’s on how successful he played his role that makes that kind of sport valued by others and the player remembered by most as a Hero. In the Philippines, Manny is a hero, a people’s champ, a fighter for all season – from rags into something; he fought for a cause. Not just for himself, but for the entire nation. And Mayweather? I can’t think of any cause except for his own earning.

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    • You are mixing up your gender pronoun. You seem to be unable to make up your mind if you’re going to call the blogger a she or a he


  12. The US has a culture if worshiping bad role models.

    Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Floyd Mayweather, those NFL players who have been beating their partners and raped people (looking at Tyson!)…and they are put into the PEDESTAL.

    Despite being the largest economy, the rich and poor disparity is astounding – the disparity is worse than in Japan, Singapore and Korea!

    No wonder the US, despite being a world leader in geopolitics, the biggest economy…is seriously lagging in gender quality. A mere #22 for a “first world” country.

    The US is also the country where “feminism” does not mean woman empowerment, but “self objectification”.

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  13. Manny and Money are two great personalities,
    who are using their skills to fight for what they believe in.
    Both are go-getters, in this regard, they are the same.
    Both need each other to sustain the fame they have attained.
    Both have their fans who see them as great models,
    both have their problems, their weaknesses, they are no Angels.
    I am sure, both are working to be better men for their people and the world,
    they may be working hard, reaching out, behind the scene, in an effort aimed at righting past wrong.
    They are two great people who share the same earth space,
    in my humble view, they are both great men.


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