The Act


I waited in line

To see the affair

I couldn’t find you

But everyone was there

They hummed and they hustled

They brought me to the stage

I was to be the performance

The act of the mage

A word I got in

But the sentenced was passed

And in the silence of it all

They spoke of the task

They said “carry on!

We have a long day ahead

It’s a very short life

And plenty of dead”

“But perhaps we could tarry

And maybe still stay

Another morning, perchance

To see the clear day?”

But there were no dangled maybes

Only a tight noose

We hang in the balance

Of the ropes we cut loose

And so I do fall

For the very last time

Not in that love

But out of this crime

As I bid all farewell

You appear among the crowd

Conjured up by the mage

You curtseyed and bowed

And the gallows did grieve

The magic of all that

For nothing does last

But that one final act


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